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Reinfried Marass “Portfolio”

Reinfried Marass

“There exists an unwritten contract, a form of a codex, between the photographer and the viewer. A photograph must reflect the truth. A photographer must be credible. No lies. Raw and honest.

I take pictures by reading the available light. I never have owned a flash or similar lighting equipment. I love to work with minimal equipment, thus I can keep focused on the scenery. I have used numerous cams and lenses, but for my personal work I favor a simple Leica M Rangefinder equipped with only one lens.

I’m rarely satisfied with my work. A vast number of images are deleted again in favor of a prime one. My personal favorite photograph? – not yet done. I don’t head for the perfect image. I prefer photographs with some imperfections, mostly they are more simpatico. Perfection bores.

( …)

In my opinion a camera is a mirror of a photographer’s soul, reflected in the work done. My work is signed with a heartprint. Without heart photographs would be mere images.

Reinfried Marass   PORTFOLIO ISSUU



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